Here is a page dedicated to previous custom system builds I really liked

IMG 3784 100x100 Custom Computersarmormancd 100x100 Custom Computersarmormanside 100x100 Custom Computersarmormaninside 100x100 Custom Computers

Built in 2006
AMD Athalon X2 6400+ 3.2ghz
ASUS M2N32 Wifi Edition Mainboard
2 x BFG GeForce 7950GT 512mb
2gb PC2-6400 Corsair XMS2
2 x 250GB SATA HDD’s
2 x Lite-On DVD/RW with DriveStealthed™ Bays
Antec 650W Modular Power Supply
Thermaltake Armor Full Tower ATX Case
Thermaltake 140×280 Watercooling set
Swiftech Waterblock
74W Peltier Termoelectric Pump (CPU Idles at 1°C from this)

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Built in 2007
AMD Athalon X2 4200+
Abit K9N Mainboard
nVidia 7900GTX 512mb
3gb PC3200 Kingston DDR RAM
3x 500GB SATA HDD’s
Lite-On 52x CD/RW drive w/ DriveStealthed™ Bay
ASUS 20x DVD/RW w/ DriveStealthed™ Bay
Xion 600W Modular Power Supply
Logisys Fully Arylic UV Green Case
Coolermaster Orb 3D CPU Cooler
Luminglas Lighting Feature

NES System
l 2804cb21ed624dc0841c9f21c178012a 100x100 Custom Computersl 579bde8ec5f24c92ab9b864c3a754c37 100x100 Custom Computersl 3910b28460c0475a8ac07b266d464e46 100x100 Custom Computers

Built in 2007
Via C7 1.2gHz Processor
Via NS7 Mainboard
1gb PC3200 DDR Ram
Sony IDE Slimline DVD/RW drive (not shown here)
120W Pico PSU
Original Nintendo Entertainment System Casing (Taken from a broken NES)


Gaming Rig
IMG 20110914 194052 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 230748 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 233931 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 233941 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 233951 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 234002 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110914 234346 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110915 000938 100x100 Custom ComputersIMG 20110915 002127 100x100 Custom Computers


Built in 2011
Intel Cire i5 2500K @4.2ghz
ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Mainboard
16GB G.Skill Ripjaw-X PC3-1600 Ram
nVidia GTX 470
OCZ RevoDrive 110GB SSD
WD Velociraptor 600GB 10k RPM SATA3 HDD
2 x 1TB WD Black RAID0 Array
Corsair H100 CPU Watercooler
Corsair Memory Airflow Fan
Aerocool Touch 2000 Front Panel
Creative Fatal1ty X-Fi 7.1 Audio
Antec 900W High Current PSU
ASUS Wireless N PCI Card