Over the last couple of months we’ve been seeing a whole bunch of computers infected by the FBI Moneypak virus. It locks you out of your computer, tells you the FBI is watching your activities and other creepy things, and then demands that you go to your local walmart (or other Moneypak vendor) buy a $100 Moneypak, and enter it’s code into the input box on the screen. The virus can also activate your computer’s webcam if it has one in order to scare the victim further.

First things first, the FBI is part of the government. The government does not need Moneypak to serve you with a fine. If you try to pay this off, you’re just throwing money down the drain, and even if you pay it, the virus will probably not release the computer.

This does not mean all is lost! Too many service companies are simply wiping computers and calling it unfixable. Wiping a system for this virus is OVERKILL and has the nasty downside of losing all of your data. This virus is not only fixable, but laughably so. There are only two infected files and they hide in %userfolder%\AppData\Roaming\ & %userfolder%\AppData\LocalLow. The file names are randomly generated but they’re pretty obvious to anyone who has seen an infection file before. If you’re infected with this virus please give us a call to get a TuneUp and we will make sure you get your computer back without losing any of your valuable data