Here at the Neighborhood Nerd, it’s important to us that you know when, where, and how to be safe using your technology. Recently we have seen a serious spike in Facebook users reporting their respective accounts being broken into, and nefarious things being done to them, without knowledge, or consent. We just wanted to take a minute and inform you of a few easy steps you can take to remedy this issue, if not stop it from happening all together:

1. Always keep your passwords secure, and don’t use the same one for multiple websites. This makes it harder for others to take multiple accounts. Even if it is just a small variation, every difference counts.

2. Be wary of unknown emails, and unsecured websites, so always verify that you are where you meant to be. Most major websites have credentials that verify themselves as safe, and virus free. If in doubt, access the website in question directly instead of clicking the link in your email.

3. use variations of uppercase, and lowercase letters, combined with numbers for the most security. The most popular form of this is called 13375P34K or Leetspeak, and only involves replacing a common letter with a number, or symbol that is physically similar. Examples :
A = 4 B = 8 C = ( D = |) E = 3 F = |= G = 6 H = |-| I = ! J = _| K = X L = 1 M = 44 N = |\| O = 0 P = |* Q = 0_ R = |2 S = 5 T = 7 U = |_| V = \/ W = \/\/ X = %

Y = j Z = 2

Using this model you can then make the most secure passwords, but still does not guarantee your security.

4. One of the best, and final pieces of advice is change your passwords once every couple months. Even if you have a rotation that you go through, make sure not to keep the same information for longer then six months.

As always, thanks for your business –