Most computer service companies offer what they call “motherboard repairs” but in most cases what they’re talking about is simply swapping a circuit board out for a new one. While that is a viable option in many cases, there are times when replacing the board is more trouble than repairing it, or simply impossible. With computers, replacing the motherboard usually requires the user to reinstall the Operating System due to changes in the hardware, which can be a real hassle at best, and a serious disaster at worst.
Trace ModificationThe Neighborhood Nerd has the ability to offer repairs at the circuit level to many types of board failure, including physical and water damage, failed or faulty electrical components, or even damaged trace repair. There are many instances when repairing a board is not only cheaper, but also may be the only option. Large format printers, LCD and Plasma displays, even Audio Receivers tend to be easier and cheaper to repair a board than replacing it entirely.
The Neighborhood Nerd offers a myriad of different repairs for laptops, as each different model has different issues that crop up with each new generation. We can fix nearly anything on a laptop, be it a cracked screen, a failed motherboard, or a loose or broken DC charger port. We can even recover data from failing harddrives in many cases. We can’t even list all the services we provide for laptops online, so if you have an issue you’re unsure can be resolved, just ask!