Home Theater Systems need support just like any other system in a home or office. They need to be set up, mounted, wired, configured, and tested. The Neighborhood Nerd has extensive knowledge of various HDTV’s, Audio Recievers, Surround Sound Systems, Video Game Consoles and more. Whether you’re starting to look at new set of equipment, or looking to get some old broken equipment fixed, The Neighborhood Nerd has the knowledge and technical skill to get the job done!
 Video Game ConsolesCurrent generation video game consoles have had all kinds of issues, from the Red Ring of Death to multitudes of disk read errors, among others. The Neighborhood Nerd not only knows how to deal with every issue common to these consoles, but also the root causes behind failures at the electrical and engineering level. This gives us the ability to develop methods of repair specifically targeted at the problem, and not a guesswork fix.
 TV’s and monitors break down just like anything else, but it seems like when they go, they end up in the landfill rather than back on the entertainment center or the wall. In most cases when an HDTV fails, the problem lies in the electronics rather than in a physically damaged part, which means we can do something about it! We have years of experience at repairing electronics, years more at diagnostics, and we use professional and industrial grade equipment to perform our repairs.