Beware the malware!

Here is some information designed to help my customers know what to avoid while surfing around on the web.

I’m sure many of you are wondering just what “Malware” really is.

Malware has many faces and names, from viruses and trojans, to scareware and rogue software. The basic principal behind malware is that it does something¬† malicious to your computer. Viruses attack components of your computer to make them spit out more viruses through e-mail, as well as cause havoc on all sorts of scales. A trojan, or trojan horse, is a virus that’s simply designed to either trick or sneak its way into your system and then start bringing other viruses or bad things in after itself.

You’ll find some blog posts with pictures and descriptions of known malware and fake anti-viruses for reference.

Also, if you look through the menus under malware above, you will find a number of posts and instructions on usage for programs that will fix most everyday virus problems. These are FREE programs that are hosted by other developers. I had no hand in creating or developing them, I simply know how they work and how they benefit you.

I sincerely hope this helps many of you with your issues.

If you need further help after running through these fixes, call me up!