Here is a short walkthough for the use of combofix

1: Initial Load after clicking on the program:

Combofix load2:  Preparation:combofix prepare

Then there will be a couple of disclaimers, after which you will have this option:combofix recovery consoleTo which you should say “NO” unless you plan to have me out to look at the system. This will prevent Combofix from deleting necessarry windows components that may have been infected and will keep your system operable, though possibly still infected depending on the virus.

3: Combofix will scan for infections and run through a series of stages where it will set certain windows features back to default values and delete found infections.combofix running

4: After running, combofix may restart your system, upon finishing the scan or after reboot, combofix will finish its process and generate a report.combofix finishing