If you’re on T-Mobile right now, you’ve probably noticed that signal has been really patchy this week. We’re on T-Mobile ourselves, and luckily we can speak techie to the T-Mobile support people. This allowed us to get a little more info than what we were able to find out via google.

The good news first: T-Mobile is currently in the process of incorporating the MetroPCS network into their own, which means several things. One, LTE is now available to T-Mobile customers! That means you can take any 4G LTE capable phone (with a sim slot) and bring it over to T-Mobile as long as it’s unlocked. There are now about 3x as many phones available to T-Mobile customers with this addition to the network, as well as extended coverage with the higher speeds of both LTE and HSPA+ 4G networks.

The bad news: During this period of transition, the towers being updated will be down or reduced in functionality. We didn’t get a solid promise of when the signal issues would be fixed, but they gave us a tentative estimate of about a week before we would see full signal restored to effected areas. Small price to pay for the added options for phones and extra range of 4G networks.

We are offering our services for unlocking phones for those of you that may wish to buy or bring an LTE phone over to T-Mobile! We have a great deal of experience in rooting and flashing android and Windows Mobile phones, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of the new T-Mobile network, please give us a call!